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XRP Valuation

UPDATE -  November 11, 2017: I NO LONGER AGREE WITH THE BELOW ANALYSIS. I have updated my thoughts and valuation in the following note: I am leaving this note here, but please take this warning and review my new piece. Best, Izzy Follow @cryptoizzy XRP/RIPPLE VALUATION – By Ihsotas Otomakan (IzzyOtto) Introduction I hope you find my thought processes interesting and helpful in your exploration of cryptos. Please be aware that I’m neither giving investment advice nor suggesting anyone buy or sell anything. I’m simply sharing my personal assessment process for determining value. The main difficulty in arriving at a valuation is dealing with uncertainty. I have striven to be clear about my assumptions and estimates, but I have no doubt that even if I am proven largely correct over the course of time, many of the details to my analysis will be changed and refined. If you have a particular question