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ICO Analysis: TenX/PAY

Follow @cryptoizzy TenX/PAY: Upcoming Coin Auction Analysis Although I had intended to dive right into preparing my next coin valuation report (which is NOT about TenX or PAY), I find myself taking a slight detour here. A couple of days ago I received an email from a reader who asked that I take a look at the TenX coin and its upcoming ICO (initial coin offering). After skimming the white-paper I was intrigued and spent some time thinking about it - which leads me to this report. Considering the fact that the coin auction is so near (and that I have reached some tentative conclusions) I figured I would bump TenX to the front of my queue and share my analysis now. DISCLAIMER: The following is my personal take on TenX and the PAY coin which they will be offering in a few weeks. I hope you find it interesting and/or useful. If I get anything materially wrong, I trust that people will let me know to correct me (and which I’d be happy to acknowledge). As it stands, these are

Stratis Update

Follow @cryptoizzy Stratis Update & Clarifications In retrospect, considering the nature of my Stratis report (and the prospect that it might ruffle some feathers), I should have more carefully edited the earlier piece. I allowed my tight weekend schedule, ‘wanting to get it out’, and not appreciating the level of scrutiny it would receive affect both my structural crafting and attention to detail. I will endeavor to not make that same mistake again. While I stand by the report, for those interested there are a few points which I would like to clarify and address before I (for real!) move on from the topic of this coin. 1)       I was guilty of 3 misspellings of Stratis For those who don’t know, stratus with a u is the name of a cloud type (which is in my MS-word dictionary [1] ). It didn’t get picked up on the spell-check nor did I notice it when I proofread. My bad. Dumb mistake which certainly doesn’t help build credibility. That being said, as someone i

Stratis - Red Flags Abound

Follow @cryptoizzy Stratis Coin – Red Flags Abound Note - June 18th: If you're reading this for the first time, please note that while I have left this entire piece largely intact (with the exception of a few typo corrections) I've also issued an update elsewhere on the blog with a few additional thoughts and clarifications. You may want to check that out as well if you have yet to do so. Cheers - Izzy In short, it is my opinion that Stratis is a scam, likely perpetrated by the founders and members of the organization. I wouldn’t be surprised if they own most of the coins and have been engaged in a true ‘pump and dump’ of trying to get the price up so they can sell their coins to unwitting investors. In this report I go through a discussion of their white-paper, but if you want to skip that section, feel free to jump to the section called ‘Additional’. I only ask that before you do so, you read the short Introduction below. Introduction I’d like to be very c