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XRP - some current thoughts

I thought I'd share an email exchange I just had, as it offers the opportunity to discuss some of my more updated views. Copy/Pasted as is, with the exception of protecting the individual's name. ------------------------- Hey  @CryptoIzzy Was going through some old research and re-stumbled across your blog post regarding the XRP use case. To date I believe that's the single most reasonable and comprehensive guide I've read on XRP. Thanks for putting that out there. I'm curious, do you have any additional thoughts or amendments to your previous thoughts regarding Ripple and XRP? Thanks so much. And no worries if you're far too busy to engage in such a conversation. Really appreciate your comprehensive and thoughtful analysis.  ------------------------- hi *******- thanks for the kind and supportive words. it means a lot to me to receive constructive feedback. i do have additional thoughts, but they get complicated fairly quickly, as a lo