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Bob & Izzy: Monero, Dash and Protecting Your Car

Rather than call it 'Reader Q&A', I've decided to use my 'Bob & Izzy' convention to share some thoughts spurred on via email exchanges with readers. I hope you enjoy. --------------------------------- Bob: Hey Izzy - I hope you’re right about Monero, but what about Dash? I know that Dash’s privacy features aren’t as good as Monero’s, but the it seems to be growing still.  I watched some videos too and they make it look like they are the ultimate privacy goal. Finally, some guy on youtube says that big investors don't want to get involved in monero because of it's reputation of being involved with criminal activities. What do you think? Izzy:   Hi Bob, As you know, Dash was the first major privacy focused coin to gain traction. However, just like Bitcoin has proven itself vulnerable on the privacy front, Dash has similarly shown itself to fall short of providing privacy security/fungiblity. It’s for this reason that it has largely been aban

'Goodbye to Ripple' - Postscript

So now, something more of an actual blog. When I finished my ‘ Goodbye to Ripple ’ article, I posted it in three places. First twitter, then on reddit and finally The latter two were where I posted my initial ripple valuation article in what feels to me now like ages ago. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be making many friends for saying so, I felt an obligation to share my reversal forthrightly in all those places. When I didn’t get any emails notifying me of a forum response from xrpchat, I assumed no one really cared – but I was happy to stumble across the thread today. (I had thought my email notification was turned on). On the whole, there was a really nice discourse (with a few ad hominems thrown in for spice) that I’m bummed I missed. If anyone’s interested though,I have a couple of thoughts. i'll post this link as a response to that thread forum. I have no animosity towards ripple. I think it’s actually very cool, and clearly hugely valuable.

The Bitcoin Flaw: Monero Rising

The Bitcoin Flaw: Monero Rising By Izzy Otomakan Follow @cryptoizzy I recognize the irony that barely a few months after I shared The Power of Money: A Case for Bitcoin I am now releasing this piece - critical of Bitcoin. I wrote TPOM largely because I was fed up with people and institutions claiming Bitcoin was a fraud, ponzi scheme or bubble. It is none of those things. It is however, in a critical respect, over. Bitcoin has been beaten[1]. We don’t need to wait any longer for further evidence of this fact.[2]There is sufficient evidence now. At this point, what we see playing out is largely pantomime - as governors of the status quo introduce more mechanisms to increasingly neuter Bitcoin and enforce control over it – whether the general public is aware of it or not. Bitcoin has been compromised as the standard bearer for cryptocurrencies, and the wound is mortal. I recognize this may sound outlandish, so please allow me to explain. No matter wh

Goodbye to Ripple

Additional Note: within a couple of hours of posting this article to the Reddit/Ripple forum, i was banned without warning or reason given. It's worth noting a few things: 1) over the course of the last several months, i have seen literally tens of thousands of referrals from the same subreddit to my blog - particularly my initial analysis. though i knew it might upset some people (and i swear, i take no joy in receiving angry messages), i felt an obligation to share my updated views on the forums where my previous work had gotten the most attention. 2) It has been about a week now, and despite thousands of reads (and public calls to those 'smartest people in the room' on ripple, there have been no meaningful refutations, rebuttals, or even serious questionings of the piece below. just ad hominem attacks, expressions of faith and hope that ripple will be successful (without addressing why a higher price for the XRP coin is necessary for that). 4) That Reddit banned m