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Monero Is For...

Follow @cryptoizzy (If you want to skip my intro, just scroll down to sections: Monero is for Porn , Monero is for Pot and Monero is for Guns ) Monero is the Esperanto word for money, and I’ve reached the conclusion that money is precisely what Monero is. In previous articles, I’ve referred to money as being either sound or unsound, but I now believe that was the wrong approach. ‘Sound or unsound’ isn’t the question. The question is – “ is it or is it not money?” Right now, there is nothing else on earth I am aware of that is also money [1] , with the exception of precious metals (though they have very different medium of exchange profiles, and thus, usefulness). Of course this may change over time, and new forms of money may present themselves (for instance, with zk-starks), but for now, this is it . Current fiat currency systems, which our world uses now, are not money . True money doesn’t allow a group to create money at whim, and direct it to whom they like. This vio