Monero Valuation – Update and Refocus

Monero Valuation – Update and Refocus

It only took about 2 days after I shared some thoughts on Monero valuation that I regretted doing so. Various other responsibilities have kept me getting around to sharing my updated thoughts, but I’m glad to finally be doing so now, with this note.

My regret hasn’t been so much around making an embarrassing technical omission (which I pointed out in it). Even with that, the directional and order-of-magnitude conclusions were still largely intact, it was an interesting idea to explore for me, and I’ve had some fun follow up email exchanges concerning modifications and refinements.

My regret was publicly focusing at all on an association between Monero and DarkNet/Criminal activities.

At the same time as I’m first and foremost interested in the truth, I believe that there are responsible ways to share it as well as reckless and ill-conceived ways to do so. I don't think my article did a very good job on this front.

Unfortunately, because of the unique threat that Monero poses to corrupt fiat-money regimes, it (like Bitcoin, though more Bitcoin of yesteryear.... way way back, like, in 2016...) is increasingly being targeted and attacked to try and prevent public adoption. I expect this will increase as its profile rises.

One of the main ways this occurs is to try and convince people that it is associated with ‘bad stuff’ and people should therefore stay away. Whether it’s a CNBC (does anybody even really watch that anymore?) attractive but mindless reader of other people’s words on the teleprompter anchor-person asking leading questions trying to denigrate it, or stories of association with the Boogey-men of the day (“Evil North Koreans like Monero! Boo!! Hiss!! It’s Bad!! Stay Away!!), there is undoubtedly an active campaign to create negative associations in the public mind so that prospective adopters don’t look more closely and realize its true merit.[1]

By writing an article discussing Monero’s valuation potential as a ‘Dark’ coin, I unwittingly fed that association, and it’s for that reason that I regret it.

So let me here try and set the record straight. 

Monero’s real promise is not its ability to be successfully used in support of illicit or illegal activity. That is a valid trait, but is a relatively minor point.

Monero’s real promise is not that it’s a coin for people who value privacy, and hate the fact that we are all routinely, continually (and illegally for the most part) spied upon by governments, their cronies and puppet-masters.  That is again, a valid trait, and one that is deeply connected with the bigger story – but is still not quite ‘it’.

The big story of Monero is that it is uniquely positioned (and far more so than any other cryptocurrency – and therefore as a true successor to Bitcoin) to displace corrupt fiat money and bring back sound money.

Sound Money is a tough concept to express to the average person. Most people don’t even realize that there is anything wrong with the current fiat money system, much less that many societal problems are intimately connected to Fiat money being unsound. To name just a few of the connected issues (and without explaining them in great detail, as I do so here) they are:

-         Inflation: Despite technological advances that (according the ‘futurists’ of years ago) should have us all living in a world of 3-day workweeks (or less) and material abundance for everyone… more and more people (even intelligent, hard-working people!) struggle to keep up with rising prices for homes, food, fuel, healthcare, and all manner of basic living expenses.

-         Increased wealth inequality: Those closest to the ‘spigot’ of new-money creation (starting with the banks) benefit the most from fiat monetary policies. Everyone else foots the bill – contributing to our current situation where the vast majority of wealth is concentrated in a small fraction of the population… with the rate of that transfer increasing and concentrating.

-         Social & Political Engineering and Interference: With an unlimited ability to create and control money, whatever projects and plans those who control the money supply desire can be attempted and/or implemented: even if they are horrible and morally reprehensible things like war, repression, and propaganda.

Monero, as sound money, has the potential to significantly contribute to the healing of much of the damage caused by Fiat systems – and it can do this by working to correct these problem closer to their root causal level. By bringing the system back to equilibrium at a very fundamental basis, social and economic systems will begin to organically reflect core adjustments.

But what is sound money? Much has been said (by me, and others) about the requirements for money to be sound… but that can be confusing for a lot of people. So let’s take a different tack and talk for just a moment about what sound money is NOT.[2]

Sound money cannot be created out of thin-air by an un-elected, un-accountable, and often sociopathic ruling class.

Sound money cannot be used as a means to track, trace, spy-on, or control the people who use it.

Sound money cannot be used to institute a stealth theft of wealth on its user-base through inflation.

Sound money is not the result of people and efforts aiming to ‘get rich’ by launching a new coin.[3]

Are you starting to grok me on the bigger picture? It’s not about picking what the next most-pumped ICO is so you can maybe afford that car/house/thing you currently *can’t* afford. It’s about working to correct the mechanisms of a broken system which on the one hand tells us that we live in a world where our species has conquered the elements, harnessed subtle and powerful forms of energy, and approaches creating new forms of life (organic and inorganic) … and on the other hand tells us that it’s perfectly acceptable that the vast majority of our species struggles to ’work hard enough’ to provide enough for themselves and their families without having to either go into debt or rely on handouts… both of which are so conveniently provided by the very same institutions which corrupted the system in the first place!

The story of Monero is the story of money – sound money. In case you didn’t know, Monero actually means money in Esperanto… a language created by a man over a century ago who dreamed of people coming together in a more evolved degree of consciousness and level of connectedness.

There are currently conversations going in within the Monero community to figure out how to best communicate this message – ideally with a short tagline that is digestible for even the average layperson. There are a lot of suggestions floating around, and I have my own opinions (everyone does, right?) If you’ll humor me on this little soapbox, I’d like to make a pitch to you of my personal favorite, along with my reasons. (note: there's no particular reason why you should listen to or like my idea better than anyone else's... but this is my blog, right? you can at least hear/read me out :)) 

Monero: Sound Money.

The first thing this does is identify Monero as ‘money’ – which is different from most other coins, and hopefully gets people’s ears to perk up – after all, most people like money, right?

As far as the word ‘sound’ – well, I recognize this may take a little more exposition, and the process of informing people on what it means will probably be slow. But it is true and powerful in its implications – encapsulating all the other features of Monero – especially the privacy aspect which is necessary for fungibility (focusing solely on the privacy aspect though, while massively powerful for the libertarian elements of society, may unwittingly paint Monero in the public’s mind as something only useful for when you want or ‘need’ privacy… never mind illicit associations that confuse the issue).

While ‘sound’ may not translate well into other languages (a better translation might at times be ‘true’) I think that’s OK. The soundness of money is such a big and important concept, that sticking to it and forcing people to do a little learning to grasp its meaning could actually be a useful way of ensuring that people ‘get’ it: as opposed to something that is immediately obvious and digested – but perhaps with a shorter shelf-life.

Finally, there is an aspect of ‘Sound Money’ that some people might consider a little tame, or boring. But ultimately, money is not meant to be super-exciting, snappy, or witty. It’s a tool meant to facilitate human value exchanges, for the real bigger purpose – allowing us all to live and enjoy our day to day lives. Keeping the tagline relatively subdued and without lots of glitz and flash is to me taking the high road - ennobling rather than sensationalizing its profound importance. Getting people to ‘buy Monero’ but without an understanding of how it’s truly different from other cryptos might pump the price for a bit, but won’t do anything to engender what’s really needed for broad adoption and success – raised awareness.


Since this is a piece (nominally) on valuation, I’ll give a little tidbit for the dreamers (and ‘creative visualization enthusiasts’ alike).

Considering Monero as a serious and viable successor to not only Bitcoin but Fiat money, the formula for valuation is really quite simple (and I’ve shared it before):

= {[Global Money Supply Penetration] x [Global Money Supply]} / [Number of Coins]

While long-term success is still a big question-mark, this is what we’re “playing for”… and so the numbers for believers are ‘roughly’: 

$80 trillion  x [5% to 50% ] / [let's say for simplicity 20 million coins]

 This would put the price target in the wide-wide range of between $200,000/coin to $2,000,000/coin… or 500x – 5,000x current values.

All that said though, I will finish by sharing what I consider to be the single best slide ever produced on Monero’s valuation (courtesy of Fluffypony) – and which I think speaks the loudest about it’s true prospects for success.


P.S. the most appreciated form of support is an earnest email or message (on twitter, or even criticism is great so long as it's constructive! but as a few people have asked me to include it, a monero address that may receive donations/support if you feel so inclined is :


[1] That Monero is grouped along with other ‘privacy coins’ is another unfortunate obstacle that needs to be overcome. That DASH -  a ‘privacy coin’ which I liken to the Club in its inability to deliver privacy - has a bigger capitalization than Monero will I think be looked back upon as nothing short of an absurdist testament to the power, albeit temporary, of deceptive and manipulative marketing.
[2] Note: some of these traits are direct results of adhering to the 4 positive traits of sound money: Store of Value, Unit of Account, Medium of Exchange, and Fungibility. Others are ancillary or indirect traits.
[3] Especially those that steal the codebase of another coin, and despite not having a meaningful developer community, relentlessly pump the rip-off. Yes, I’m looking at you Electroneum.


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    Micro Doge Space Aims to Build a Hybrid Crypto Currency Exchange. Hybrid Exchange Combines the best of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges – Offering High Liquidity and Fast Transactions of Centralized Exchanges also Anonymity and Protection of Decentralized Exchanges.

    Don’t Miss the Chance If You Have Already Missed Investing in Doge and Baby Doge Coin, It Now Micro Doge Going to Space.

    Telegram: @microdogespace

    #ico #crypto #token #defi #nft #nfts #bsc #bnb #Doge #microdogespace #microdoge

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.


  45. ATH GAMES aims to lay a foundation with governance and play-to-earn utilities in mind. They will build a decentralized ecosystem with a community-driven, liquid democracy, which will enable the token holders to influence the future and development of different aspects of the games in the ecosystem. The community have been teased with some AAA titles, all of them harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Our roaring excitement pushes the team full steam ahead. NFT's, play-to-earn, metaverse, we all know what is possible, with a sustainable ecosystem potential is limitless. The Swedish A-Team is here to deliver a token that is here to stay! The token has a maximum supply of 100 billion, A 6% transaction fee. ATH GAMES Community supports this project! TIME TO RAISE THE BAR
    More info:
    Join telegram: @ATH_GAMES

    #ico #crypto #bsc #bnb #token #defi #btc #blockchain #nft #nfts

  46. The token #CIND of #CINDRUM is now listed on Cashierest and BitMart.
    CIND is a cryptocurrency which can be used on the platform, Cindrum, where it is designed to make players be creators to own avatars, make own designs and even trade them. In Cindrum’s metaverse, players can have an immersive experience into the virtual social network environment with socializing with other people by participating various activities, like dressing their avatars with assets, trading and haggling in the Bazaar and decorating their own LAND, and they can earn CIND during the process. CIND also can be used on other platforms if they support same features with Cindrum.
    More info:
    Twitter: @CindrumOfficial
    Telegram: @cindrumglobal

  47. Yesterday was launched our new farming pool! become an early investor right now!
    Market cup >50k$!
    tg chat:
    #BSC #BSCGEM #binance #binancenetwork

  48. The first cryptospace that is available only for the investors, collectors, minters,
    and other crucial and VIP cryptopeople.
    No flood, no ghost buyers, no onlooker. Cryptocenturi will own the closed community, game, and supporting projects.
    Just fasten your seat belts and welcom to the world of Cryptocenturi

    Mad Production presents you Crypto Centuri gem token

    Soft cap 250 BNB and Hard Cap 500 BNB - 1billion tokens

    Traders social platform - Second hand NFT market place - Play to earn game - Trading platform (exchange)
    Invest and see how this project grows and takes you to the moon.
    RUG free token allocation, created in unique way so you feel safety for your investment.

    also get 3% Holders reward on every transaction. Also 2% goes to liquidity, 2.5% marketing fee and 2.5% development fee

    First 40 addresses that will be on whitelist will get a bonus to their purchase, they will share a pool of 5,000,000 MPC

    Launch of the token 1 day after presale

    Telegram- @MadArtCorp

    Whitelist link:-

    Pre-sale link:- check pinned messages. link will only be there

  49. META PAC-MAN is a "Play to Earn" VR gaming community and "Move to Earn" AR based NFT marketplace.
    More info :
    Telegram: @metapacman

    #ico #crypto #nft #nfts #nftmarket #nftmarketplace #buynft #sellnft #token #bsc

  50. Be the owner of a NFT/ digital land in Soccer Metaversum!
    The rarity of the NFT/digital land will be dependent on the location and the size!
    If you are lucky you will become the neighbor of soccer celebrities like casillas which makes your property even more valuable!
    Get all infos and 1000 Dcores for free in our Telegram bounty bot
    More info:
    Telegram: @soccermetaversum

    #nft #nfts ##buynft #nftmarket #nftmarketplace #crypto #token #defi #bsc #bnb

  51. $afeID launches a new LP Farming project on the 15th of December.
    With our liquidity farm available on Pancakeswap, you can now invest your crypto holdings into a utility-first project.
    Join and make profit with a very attractive passive income possibility

    Reasons to invest:
    - Earn high passive dividents
    -Contribute to a Utility-First Project
    -Say Goodbye to the Headaches of Active Trading

    More info:

  52. AMORE is the utility token of the Amore Dating Platform. AMORE is a premier dating app that offers complete integration with the blockchain! If you always wanted a decentralized, immersive and empowering dating app, then you are in the right place. We know how challenging it can be to find a great date, and how hard it can be to use most dating platforms. That’s why we created AMORE, which is designed from the ground up to make dating interesting, fun and immersive. AMORE token has the benefit of no expiry. Remember, it isn’t a membership. Instead, it is a real blockchain token that can be held for as long as needed.

    Amore offers a wide array of utilities on the Amore platform. It is a plug within the system that connects all the stakeholders. Below are some of the core functions of the $AMORE token on the Amore platform:

    1. Purchase $AMORE tokens
    A user will be able to purchase the $AMORE tokens from within the app and the tokens will be stored in the user wallet.

    Users can invite others on the platform. For every successful invite, $AMORE tokens are rewarded to the users.

    Watching reward video ads is also one of the ways a user can earn $AMORE tokens on the Amore platform.

    4.To start a conversation
    $AMORE tokens will be required to start a conversation with other users.

    5.To post in nearby feeds
    $AMORE tokens will be required to post in the nearby feeds sections.

    Presale started

    More info

  53. Bromance is a new meme community token. Our goal is to build a community of bros to share memes and make money together

    Bromance community
    Here at bromance we are about community. Join our telegram to share memes or stop by just to talk. As the coin grows we will have charity events to help other bros in need.

    Bromance is pretty simple. We have a 9% buy and sell tax. That is divided evenly between marketing, liquidity, and rewards for holders. The rewards are paid in more bromance tokens.

    Official Bromance token Tekegram community: @BromanceBSC

    More info

  54. HDC Is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency growing at a reasonably fast pace. It aims to
    have its project in the hands of the community that stands by it and plans to achieve this
    by locking the liquidity as well as relinquishing the ownership, which then allows the
    community to become the face and leader of HDC . We have faith in the community to
    work with us in order to push this cryptocurrency in the right direction and make a
    substantial difference to the lives of less fortunate families around the world.
    More info at:
    Telegram: @highdogecoin

  55. Lean Management Token - sharing LEAN experiences!

    $LEAN builds a comprehensive work environment for people and companies operating in the area of Lean Management.
    $LEAN is used in Lean Marketplace as a payment currency for their related services and products,
    also for fundraising or for voting in the community.

    More info at:
    Telegram: @LeanToken

    Meta Warz is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming with state of the art play-to-earn gameplay.
    An immersive blockchain-based First Person Shooter game, with a unique gaming experience through a combination of traditional
    base gameplay and smart contract mechanics
    More info:
    Join telegram: @MetaWarzHQ

    $2000 Metawarz Tokens Airdrop $ Whitelist Giveaway

    #ico #crypto #token #nft #bsc #bnb #Airdrop #Giveaway

  57. BetPro is the currency of the future for sports bettors and tipsters
    Telegram: @Bethustler

    #ico #bet #sports #crypto #token #bsc #bnb #nfy #nfts

  58. Squaremen is a fully autonomous ecosystem whose purpose is to multiply the scenarios of use of NFTs.

    Squaremen incorporates NFT minting, ERC20 tokens, marketplace, DeFi (coming soon) and an innovative tokenomics where the user who destroys his own NFTs is rewarded with SQTOK tokens. The Squaremen model will revolutionize the way of thinking about NFT minting and their future use.

    More info:
    Telegram: @squaremenxyz

    #nft #nfts #crypto #token #defi #ERC20 #Squaremen #rewarded #bnb #bsc

  59. The Wolf: The Wildest Meme Ecosystem is here to Create The Wildest Crypto Millionaires
    A Decentralized Meme Token created to lead the dog ecosystem
    WOLF is the $ALPHA token. Wolf token holders also earn dogecoin by simply holding $ALPHA.

    Our community’s baby token to earn wolf tokens is the wolf cub named $BETA. The wolf cub ($BETA) holders earn wolf tokens by simply holding $BETA.
    The Wolf Pack ($OMEGA) is the governance token that will allow the community to vote on upcoming proposals on the Wolf DAO.
    Wolf pack token holders also earn shib by simply holding $OMEGA.

    More info:
    Telegram: @The_Wolf_World

    #ico #token #crypto #MemeToken #dao #defi #nft #nfts #bsc #bnb

  60. Zeltaro is a Metaverse world in different galactic - Zeltaro Galactic.
    You will create your unique characters and play in a free world space.
    While playing in Zeltaro Metaverse, you will receive rewards like NFT's.
    Thousands of people have already experienced Zeltaro Galactic.
    Now it's time to launch the exciting experience fully.
    More info:
    Telegram: @zeltarocommunity


  61. “Wall Street meets Crypto”
    Mad Mongoose LLC hedge fund now available as a crypto.
    Trading on pancakeswap under MADD
    More info:

    #ico #crypto #trading #nft #nfts #bnb #bsc #btc #defi

  62. Imagine the ability to seamlessly travel between different metaverses? This is the goal of AgoraMetaverse. Through our dashboard we will allow AGORAM token holders from multiple metaverses (Meta, Sandbox and Decentraland in phase 1) to participate in exclusive NFT galleries, Live action events, play to earn events and form a true "Openverse" community. Ultimately AgoraMetaverse aims to be the "ONE STOP" portal for connection to the wider virtual world.
    More info at:
    Fair pre sales are on PinkSale

  63. HATOKEN, The World's Biggest Meme Token Representing Humanity is aimed at making Humans the biggest asset on earth while promoting Love, Peace, Unity, Oneness and Equitable Distribution of Wealth.
    The overarching goal is to reward those who support our community-powered charity course and to increase the value and quantity of the tokens in every community members’ wallet.
    More info:
    Telegram: @humanassetoken

  64. A token built to keep on giving.
    Divine Inu is a one-of-a-kind experimental token that are attempting to creating project that will utilize the power of a community to tokenize and run a blockchain venture capital organization.

    Limited NFT collection.
    Bitcoin Reflections.
    Dividend Payout.
    Incentivized community engagement.

    9% buy and sell tax.
    ➤ KYC and Audited ➤ Spywolf Verified ➤ Divine Fund ➤ Staking ➤ NFT Vault ➤ Governance

    More info:
    Telegram: @divineinucrypto

  65. mPANDO coin globally launching Legend of Pandonia (L.o.P), a P2E (Play-to-earn) game

    Pando Software (President: Jeong Sang-hoon) revealed that it is globally launching Legend of Pandonia (L.o.P), a P2E (Play-to-earn) game, as its first 2022 project, on the 14th this month at 3pm (Korean Standard Time).

    L.o.P is a collective strategy action RPG, which is meant to be played by collecting 120 heroes while venturing a journey seeking for a Soulstone. There are flashy and unique heroes, and users can enjoy battles with three main heroes and three sub heroes, total six heroes.

    Heroes have six classes: Tanker, Fighter, Melee Dealer, Ranged Dealer, Wizard and Support, and each hero has their own element of fire, water, wind, light or darkness. Users can earn victory by utilizing the elements to set a strategy, and a better strategy can be found with affinity of elements of each hero.

    Users can earn mPANDO coin in various contents: completing daily quests, seasonal reward of the Tower of Heroes, a PVE content, an Arena to compete for rankings, or achievement quests. The Personal History System, which is unique to L.o.P, gives a special buff when a user deploys heroes to a scenario and the heroes has a connection between them, and after the user clears the activated personal history dungeon with them, the user can also earn mPANDO coins in certain stages.

    As a MainNet coin, the mPANDO coin is designed to be have many different uses. It can be used for the Hero Transcendence, purchase of entry of the Arena and expansion of inventory, and it even can make heroes more powerful.

    Jeong Sang-hoon, the President of Pando Software, said, “We are starting to service Legend of Pandonia, a P2E game, globally, as the first project of the new year”, and, “Please stay tuned to us as we’re going to show the feature to acquire a special hero through connection of a wallet and staking in our next update.”

  66. BitcoinLegend(BCL) Coin Pre-sale will end Feb, 28th. Before listing in Lbank
    Bitcoinlegend was released android app on the Google Play Store on July 19. 2021. and it has run up to iOS.
    When the number of users reached 600,000, community airdrop and pre-sale events were started, and the number exceeded 860,000 in 20 days alone.
    The purpose of airdrop is to proceed with listing with 1 million users, and pre-sale is to shorten the schedule of the NFT card business and metaverse game.
    More info at:


  67. VesTallyToken(VTT) is a deflationary, self reflecting token designed to become scarcer over time. Holders of VTT have exclusive weighted voting rights which will determine the course of action for proposal strategies and charitable initiatives. Weighted blockchain voting gives holders a voice in the development of VTT.
    More info at:
    Join telegram: @vestallytoken

  68. Reel Mood is the first livestream & NFT platform that utilizes cryptocurrency to monetize creators. Creators can live stream straight to fans, create premium subscription channels for exclusive content and release music and mint and trade their NFT's. Users can earn Reel Mood Tokens by streaming, sharing content or participating in community growth campaigns.
    Presale Link:
    Telegram: @ReelMoodToken
    Twitter: @ReelMood

  69. World's 1st BCS based tokenized ETF, you can invest in emerging crypto projects with as little as you'd like. The way investing should be! 📊
    TG Community: @analytica_etf
    Twitter: @analytica_etf

    #ico #crypto #nft #nfts #bsc @bnb #eft #invest

  70., Honest (BNB Yield Farm) with 10% daily rewards! Made by investors for investors! Rest assured we will be here when you wake up!

    WE ARE LIVE!!!!


    Honest user friendly project with great sustainability and profit potential!

    (0.01 BNB Min Investment)
    (10% Daily rewards)
    (20 Day 200% ROI)
    (Withdraw anytime)
    (100% availability - 70% withdraw 30% auto reinvested for sustainability and anti whale functions)
    (3 BNB max withdrawal per transaction)


    Big investments coming!
    Don't be late!!
    Let's go!!!

    Telegram: @MyYieldFarm

  71. Peermoon is a DeFi mobile wallet that allows investing in different assets (cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, loans, commodities, real estate, etc.), tracking overall investment portfolio, and managing finances conveniently in one app. The variety of features and assets makes Peermoon a unique product in the market.
    More info at:
    Telegram: @mcindustrytech

    #ico #crypto #moon #defi #nft #nfts #loans #crypto #bsc #bnb #btc #token

  72. Pokemonio: An innovative project based on the Binance Smart Chain. It will contain a lot of products that will allow users to earn passive income and trade NFTs.
    More info
    Telegram: @PokemonioGroup

  73. Multiple worldwide retail locations have already committed to accept FCKcoin as a mode of payment,
    Our 99% burn is the highest of any coin in history, check out:
    Telegram: @thefckcoin


  74. Dogeone is a Binance Smart Chain cryptocurrency combining memes & NFTs to bring creative art to the masses of the internet, selling worldwide. Our vision is to become the one-stop platform for all Doge NFT enthusiasts and investors on the blockchain.

    DOGEONE has:
    Charity Wallet
    Locked liquidity

    We have a very unique use case which till now no one have

    It's about Space Cleaning

    We as a team love SPACE and would like to contribute to SPACE in any ways possible as to our strength. We are inspired from ELON’s “DOGE-1” mission. We also plan to donate to “SPACE CLEANING” in our later stages.

    More info :
    Telegram: @missiondogeone

  75. TRXmining.COM Review | Best way to make money online in 2022 | Fast daily withdrawals

    In this rapidly changing world, virtual currencies are a safe haven for almost every internet user. Most of the trading is being done through virtual currencies in developed countries. Virtual currencies are decentralized and anyone can get their hands on virtual currencies. The major reason for that is the increase in decentralized finance around the world. People no longer want to be controlled financially. That’s where virtual currencies takes the game.
    Register link:

  76. World's first ever hyper-deflationary, asset-supported digital currency earn up to 192% APY!
    AXIA is the organization building a digital ecosystem around AXIA Coin (AXC), the first ever hyper-deflationary, asset-supported digital currency with global useability. The AXIA ecosystem includes several platforms that provide value to participants from a staking program offering the most favorable rates in the industry to apps like AXplorer that let users earn AXC daily just for doing what they were already doing everyday. Plus, AXIA is bridging the worlds of traditional finance and crypto with unique offerings like the AXIA Debit, which allows AXC holders to spend their crypto anywhere in the world, anytime.


    Telegram: @AXIACoinOfficial

  77. Buy Peermoon tokens, get up to a 30% bonus! $9+ million raised in total

    The Peermoon app has already raised over $5 million in the ongoing Private sale B round. By PM tokens till April 11 and receive up to a 30% bonus!

    Details of our special offers

    During the presale round (which ended on March 14) Peermoon raised $4,17 million. Join us! Be a part of our success. More information about Peermoon

  78. ViDioT: A Decentralized social media platform
    was deployed on the Binance BNB blockchain representing a response to the challenges of the crypto world. Class as the fastest blockchain ViDioT World needs that speed for its up coming media sharing program. The Vidiot app will differ from Tiktok snapchat and you tube by giving all users who hold OG NFTs a profit share of yearly profit made by ViDioT World. Also enabling basic users the ability to earn tokens in app to exchange for real $$$
    More info:
    Telegram: @vidiotworldofficial
    Twitter: @VidoNFT

    #ViDioT #token #bsc #blockchain #defi #nft #nfts #nftmarket #nftrart #crypto #media_sharing

  79. Starbridge Token
    The StarBridge Project Is Stellar! One StarBridge Token Will
    Equal One Lumen (XLM) Once The Project Goes Live.

  80. World's 1st token backed by #Bitcoin Mining! ������ ��������, ������ �������� ��
    #PrivateSale now LIVE on ��

  81. 🚀 Don't miss out! Limited-time Exclusive Pre-Sale is live until August 9th. Join the excitement of PEPE COPY Coin, inspired by the iconic Pepe meme.

    🌐 Reserve your spot:

    💎 Certified by AUDIT audit, our contract offers trust through a strong fee structure.

    💡 Powered by BSC, PEPE COPY Coin aims for rewarding tokenomics like the original PEPE coin.

    📣 Connect on Telegram: Telegram : @pepecopybnb

    For news and interaction.
    🌐 Explore our website:
    Follow us on Twitter: @pepe_copy for updates.

    💰 Invest wisely in the evolving crypto landscape.

    Join the laughter-filled memecoin journey!
    #PepeCopyCoin #MemeCoinMadness #CryptoLaughs


  82. 🔥 Introducing Fortified Assets Xchange (Fortified X), the groundbreaking cryptocurrency exchange project that's revolutionizing the industry! 🚀 Our unique hybrid model merges the strengths of centralized and decentralized exchanges, creating a new standard in user satisfaction and investor confidence.

    💡 Tired of the drawbacks from both centralized and decentralized exchanges? Fortified X has the solution. By innovating and combining the best features, we're shaping the future of decentralized finance like never before.

    🌐 Curious to learn more?
    Join our Telegram chat and get insights straight from the source:
    Telegram Link :

    🐦 Follow us on Twitter for updates.
    Twitter: @x_fortified

    Discover the future of cryptocurrency through Fortified X's transparent, innovative, and secure hybrid exchange platform. Embrace the evolution! 💎🌍

    #FortifiedX #CryptoExchange #DecentralizedFinance #Innovation #HybridExchange

  83. 🌐 Dive into Fandomdao's Squid Game 2 Buzz - Early Launch & Airdrop Galore! 🚀
    Exciting news! Jump into Fandomdao's Squid Game Season 2 Voting Event - Challenge 1. Join the early launch and snag exclusive FAND token airdrops! 🌟


    Vote for Squid Game 2 & support global causes.
    Exclusive FAND airdrop for top voters. 🎁
    Fandomdao, the web3.0 socialfi hub, connecting artists and fandoms.
    How to Join:

    Sign up via Google Gmail or Blockchain wallet.
    Grab 300 FAO points at sign-up.
    Use FAO points for challenge voting.
    Share the event link on SNS with #FANDOMDAO, tag 2 friends.

    OBT Opening: Feb 20th
    Airdrop Reveal: Feb 21st

    Twitter: @Fandomdao_
    Telegram: @fandomdao_global
    Don't miss out on shaping Squid Game's destiny & grabbing exclusive airdrops! 🚀🌐 #FANDOMDAO #SquidGame2 #AirdropAlert


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