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Seriously though – delete the Facebook App from your phone.

(This may not seem directly crypto-related... but it's actualy quite closely connected. If you don't see the linkage, I invite you to do some research on Monero which appreciates the need for privacy.) I’m not telling you to not use Facebook.   If you want to keep using it, by all means keep doing so on your desktops/laptops. If it doesn’t bother you that they mine you for data, track all your activity on the internet (and physical locations), filter your news-feeds so you only see the censored content they deem appropriate – then by all means go ahead (but if you want more reasons to ditch it altogether, check this out . Never mind that you might actually find more time to do other neat things... like engaging with the real world and stop exposing yourself to ridiculous, unrealistic and unhealthy depictions of reality). But seriously, delete the App from your phone. Why now? Well, if after this week’s Snowden revelations don’t convince you, I’

Monero Valuation – Update and Refocus

Monero Valuation – Update and Refocus Follow @cryptoizzy It only took about 2 days after I shared some thoughts on Monero valuation that I regretted doing so. Various other responsibilities have kept me getting around to sharing my updated thoughts, but I’m glad to finally be doing so now, with this note. My regret hasn’t been so much around making an embarrassing technical omission (which I pointed out in it). Even with that, the directional and order-of-magnitude conclusions were still largely intact, it was an interesting idea to explore for me, and I’ve had some fun follow up email exchanges concerning modifications and refinements. My regret was publicly focusing at all on an association between Monero and DarkNet/Criminal activities. At the same time as I’m first and foremost interested in the truth, I believe that there are responsible ways to share it as well as reckless and ill-conceived ways to do so. I don't think my article did a very good job on t